Project Description

Here are a few examples of Facebook images created to maintain a cohesive social media presence.

Image 1:

Caricatures were created of the Accessories Manager and General Manager. These figures were used to deliver messages and tips in a light-hearted way.

Image 2:

Motor Swap. A series of behind-the-scenes images were shared to help connect and form trust between the customer and the shop.

Image 3:

Rhino Linings. As an authorized Rhino Lining dealer, MACARA wanted to increase Rhino Lining sales. In an effort to show the material was great for more than just truck beds, we lined many unusual, but useful surfaces.

Image 4:

Oil Change Special. I followed the 80/20 rule, with only 20% of social media postings being an effort to directly sell something. I firmly believe that Facebook is intended to create and nurture relationships.

Image 5:

Car Kit. This was a blog posting that was converted to also be shared on Facebook. It was going back-to-school time and the Emergency Car Kit was used to relate to parents sending their children off to college.